Pushrod Covers

Machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. These pushrod covers utilize the factory sleeve and spring to assure proper sealing. Black Ano w/ Contrasting machined grooves available for Twin Cam, Evo and Shovelhead Engines. All Pushrod Tubes are available in Machine Finish, Polished, Chrome and Black Ano.

Pushrod Covers Pushrod Covers Black


Part  # Description Price
1022M EVO, Smooth Machined Finish $260.00
1022TCM Twin Cam, Smooth Machine Finish $260.00
1122M Shovelhead, Smooth Machine Finish $260.00
1022P EVO, Smooth Polished Finish $275.00
1022TCP Twin Cam, Smooth Polished Finish $275.00
1122P Shovelhead, Smooth Polished Finish $275.00
1022B EVO, Smooth BLK ANO Finish $315.00
1022TCB Twin Cam, Smooth BLK ANO Finish $315.00
1122B Shovelhead, Smooth BLK ANO Finish $315.00
1022C EVO, Smooth Chrome Finish $315.00
1022TCC Twin Cam, Smooth Chrome Finish $315.00
1122C Shovelhead, Smooth Chrome Finish $315.00
1021M EVO, Grooved Machine Finish $260.00
1021TCM Twin Cam, Grooved Machine Finish $260.00
1121M Shovelhead, Grooved Machine Finish $260.00
1021P EVO, Grooved Polished Finish $275.00
1021TCP Twin Cam, Grooved Polished Finish $275.00
1121P Shovelhead, Grooved Polished Finish $275.00
1021B EVO, Contrast Grooves BLK ANO Finish $325.00
1021TCB Twin Cam, Contrast Grooves BLK ANO Finish $325.00
1121B Shovelhead, Contrast Grooves BLK ANO Finish $325.00
1021C EVO, Grooved Chrome Finish $325.00
1021TCC Twin Cam, Grooved Chrome Finish $325.00
1121C Shovelhead, Grooved Chrome Finish $325.00
1021TCB-SP Twin Cam, Contrast Grooves/Speed dots BLK ANO Finish $335.00
1021B-SP EVO, Contrast Grooves/Speed dots BLK ANO Finish $335.00
1121B-SP Shovelhead, Contrast Grooves/Speed dots BLK ANO Finish $335.00