Craig Murrow spent his early days as a contractor building homes while working on motorcycles in his small shop in the evenings.
•    Industrious and self-taught in his trade as a contractor his skills naturally bridged over to the art of running a CNC machine and fabricating parts
•    Product line started with a series of derby, points, and inspection covers, but as product line expanded Craig discovered there were a few unique products that would set AB TECH apart.  Those products included Flush Mount Axles and Push Rod Covers that featured designs that had not been seen in the industry
•    Running one-off parts, Craig quickly realized the need for equipment that would enable him to run production parts
•    With a new CNC machine and a large instruction manual, Craig quickly went from contractor to machinist
•    AB TECH was founded in 1994 with the intent to manufacture original quality products for motorcycles
•    In the years to follow Craig built several custom motorcycles which where featured on the covers of a number of magazines and in the process became enveloped in the V-Twin market
•    Craig’s products, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the industry earned him a job offer from Hot Bike Magazine in 2001
•    During his tenor at Hot Bike Magazine, Craig’s ability to relate to his advertisers because of his manufacturing background earned him the respect of the industry.
•    Craig went on to work for Garage Magazine, which is owned by Jesse James, but rather than selling ads he found his way back into his natural habitat: the machine shop.
•    After organizing Jesse’s shop he decided it was time to go back and work for AB Tech full-time with the encouragement of his lovely and vivacious wife Kelli (who just so happens to work for the leading aftermarket manufacturer of motorcycle parts, Performance Machine).  And, by the way Craig and Kelli met when Craig was Kelli’s ad sales rep.
•    Since June of 2008 Craig and AB TECH have been moving forward creating new designs and innovative finishes based on the same philosophy that drove Craig to create AB Tech in the mid-1990’s; quality, original products.